July 4th, 2015

The Zombie movie is complete and ready for viewing! 

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Burning Girl on the 4th of July I have uploaded the zombie movie. It is 20 minutes long so settle in, and enjoy.

"Dawn of the Dancing Dead" is a time-traveling, zombie, western we made at Burning Girl and other events. I will edit the BG7 event footage next. 

I want to sincerely thank every one who participated in the making of this film! We had up to five cameras at several events, many actors, make up artists, directors, costume, and set designers.  It was a collaborative effort, and so much fun! It was a real puzzle putting all this wonderful footage together to create a story. Thank you all, thank you so much!



I finally started editing the footage from Burning Girl 2014 and it is wonderful!! I am sorry there has been such a long delay but I needed a break. I am ready now!! I am blown away by the amount of effort we all put into the party, and making the zombie movie. Really tremendous! I will start editing the short zombie movie for the kids first, then move on to the BG event footage that Phil Kowalski shot. I'll post updates here on BG website and


Rollin' on the River

Joe Child's video of the East Walker River float at Burning Girl 2013

Every year at Burning Girl we make a short movie for the whole family to participate and enjoy. Below are the four movies we have made so far.


Sheriff Cleaver's Clogs 2013


Dutchman Goes Drag 2012


Dutchman Sports Wood 2011


No-Dance Dutchman 2010


Burning Girl Six Docu-Video
Experience BG 2013

BG 5 Docu-Video
Experience BG 2012


BG 4 Docu-Video, 2011