Photo by Bill Kositzky
Photo by Bill Kositzky

Pack it in, Pack it out

Bring all necessities to the party: food, shelter, water, fuel, drinks, and basic first aid supplies.  What you bring in, you should bring out.  Leave no trace behind.

Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell

What to bring: 

•    Common sense, an open mind, and a positive attitude

•    1.5 gallons of water per person per day for drinking

•    Enough food/beverages for your entire party

•    First aid kit

•    Ice Chest full of ice

•    Garbage bags

•    Flashlights and spare batteries

•    Warm clothing for evenings- this is a desert at 3500 elevations

•    A good camp tent, along with warm sleeping bags. -Evening temperatures can get in the 40s and mid day temperatures can exceed 100 degrees F

•    Sunscreen/sun block, lotion, lip balm sunglasses, towels

•    Swimsuits, shorts

•    Insect repellent

•    Hiking shoes, river shoes

•    Shade structures, wide brim hat to break the mid day heat

•    Cooking stove, charcoal grill, charcoal, lighter fluid

•    Cooking and eating utensils

•    Smokers: portable ashtrays



Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell

Fun things to bring:

    •    Theme name for your camp
    •    Gift from your camp
    •    Costume for your theme camp to wear in the parade
    •    Art Cars for the parade
    •    Musical instruments, drums for the burn
    •    Beads and masks for the Mardi Gras Parade
    •    Zombie costumes for the movie
    •    Fishing poles, tackle box, crawdad traps and bait
    •    Bikes
    •    Kites, spray bottles, glow sticks
    •   Art installations
  • Wine to contribute to the wine tasting event
Bring a bottle to donate to the Saloon
Bring a bottle to donate to the Saloon

The Starr Saloon is an old western style building but doesn't have any booze supplied. We aren't selling anything. Minors are not allowed in the saloon. We are not providing any alcohol.